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Departmentof Security


Our legal servicesinclude:


Securities issuance andlisting (domestic):

- Initial publicofferings, secondary issues and rights issues of A-shares and B-shares;

- Issue of convertiblebonds and corporate bonds;

- Privateplacement;


Overseas listing:

- Domestic companies’international public offerings of H-shares or N-shares and public offerings of “redchip” shares;



- RestructuringState-owned Enterprises (SOE) into companies;

- Restructuringlimited liability companies into joint stock limited companies;


Legal service for listedcompanies:

- Legalconsultation;

- Share repurchaseand reverse splitting;

- Equity swap;

- Public companytakeovers and share acquisitions;

- Assetacquisition, sale and reorganization of listed companies;


Investment, Acquisition andReorganization:

- Mergers andacquisitions with foreign investment;

- Equityinvestment (including venture investment);

- Other legalbusiness related to acquisition of companies;


Other legal business of acompany:

- Mergers,spin-offs and liquidation;

- Design ofemployee share scheme;

- Issuingmultitrust;

- Management ofstrategic investment;

- Reorganizationof debts.

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