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S&D Partners Finance Department


Our Finance Department provides extensiverange of legal service through corporate and commercial finance transactions focusingon investment, finance and other related matters for domestic and internationalcorporations and financial organizations including banks, funds, trusts,financial assets management corporations.

We render service mainly in the followingaspects:

I.      projectfinancing(PPP/BOT/TOT),leveraged finance , venture capital;

II.     generalbanking business such as credit loan facilities , trade finance and factoring

III.   non-performingassets of financial organizations, including M&A, due diligence and debtrestructuring;

IV.   legalservices for overseas  banks in PRC,including foreign exchange transactions, syndicated loans , register of overseasdebts, and external guarantee;

V.    legalservices for financial institutes, including trust, funds and othernon-litigation business;

VI.   internationalbanking, such as international syndicated loans and commercial loans.

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